Sparklab Productions ‘Podcast Pitch Camp’

Sparklab Productions ‘Podcast Pitch Camp’

This event takes place on: Oct 13 at 10:00 in The Campus

Sparklab Productions are hosting their next one-day ‘Podcast Pitch Camp’ on Saturday, October 13th. 


People interested in storytelling who have some experience in audio production and would like to collaborate with Sparklab Productions.


Sparklab is an audio production business. We’re looking for audio makers with great story ideas who can attract a subscriber base and sponsorship. We want to grow our family of producers and see Podcast Camp as the start of a journey that leads to paid work opportunities on podcast projects.


Over the day we will:

  • Discuss favourite podcasts;
  • Explore different approaches to story-telling and interview techniques;
  • Share recording and editing methods;
  • Pitch podcast series ideas and work on them within a group;
  • Practice interviewing and editing;
  • Create ideas for podcast intros;
  • And make connections with other audio makers– in a spirit of collaboration.

Before you sign up, you must do your homework. This means reading and re-reading the BBC commissioning guidelines including audience research and sound research and making sure you are offering something that will interest the BBC. You need to come to the day with a draft pitch that meets the requirements of the commissioning brief. . But there is considerably more information in the BBC documents so please study them in detail.

Please note: Sparklab does not promise to submit everything brought to Podcast Pitch Camp. We are developing our own ideas too. But we can say that you will work on anything of yours that is commissioned and be properly credited.

Remember: your idea belongs to you. You can develop it in any way you choose and make it independently or take it other companies.


Some basic experience of recording and editing and lots of good story ideas. You’ll need your laptop, favourite audio editing software (or download Reaper for free), and something to record with (could be your phone) and we’ll get started straight away.


The Sharp Project: Thorp Road, Manchester, M40 5BJ.

Saturday 13th October 10am-5pm.

Register here


  • How to get here
  • There is car parking on site
  • Sharp Project Security will ask for your name at the barrier;
  • Come ready to share a list of your favourite podcasts with everyone
  • Come ready to share ideas of podcasts you’d like to make
  • Bring your laptop with a free 60-day trial of Reaper editing software downloaded and have a go at using it before you come if you can
  • OR bring your laptop with your own editing software
  • Bring a set of headphones
  • Bring your own lunch…. and herbal teabags if you don’t want caffeine
  • Find time to listen to at least some of the following: The house of mourning, State v Johnson, A girl of Ivory, A beautiful day in the projects and The butterfly effect.

Please contact Mel Harris using the below with any questions:

Tel: 07813 989933

Email: mel@sparklabproductions.com

Website: www.sparklabproductions.com

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
United Kingdom