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‘To seed, nurture and grow, talent and skills for the creative digital sector’

SharpFutures is a social enterprise that supports young people into employment in the creative digital sector.

By offering a range of interventions including Apprenticeships, Work Experience and Volunteering, SharpFutures nurture the transition into work, whilst responding to the fluctuating needs of creative digital businesses.

We seed ideas through services for education, we nurture the best talent we find through employment opportunities and real work experience, and we grow through the sale of our business products and services.

To find out more about SharpFutures, please read our Constitution, check our our Awards or download our Annual Report below.

POD is a business born from SharpFutures.

SharpFutures POD is a pool of entry level, eager to gain experience, new entrants with the ability to provide important, flexible support to fledgling and fast-growing businesses in the creative digital sector.

With members recruited and retained based on a desire to develop sector-relevant skills, SharpFutures POD offer clients the opportunity to bring on board temporary, support staff while also playing a valuable part in young people’s career development.

If you would like to book a member of the SharpFutures POD please email talent@sharpfutures.org.uk


Previous SharpFutures project work

Opposite is an animation for SharpFutures / The Sharp Project and Manchester City Council, where three schools pitched a story for Manchester 20:20 Vision ‘A day in the life of Sharpie’. The winning school, MCMA Boys, then had their story produced as a film by us. Animation was produced by Sam Jones, David Ridges & Jon Turner from Kilogramme. Click the play button to see the animation.

The Sharp Project
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