Manchester’s Digital Innovators – Red Vision

Manchester’s Digital Innovators – Red Vision

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A scene from the BBC's Battlefield Britain
A scene from the BBC's Battlefield Britain

Established in 1995, Red Vision has pioneered new applications of CGI techniques for more than a decade. It has led the way in the creation of realistic virtual characters and photo-realistic CGI inserted into live action sequences, used in dramas, documentaries and feature films.The company has a dedicated team of software specialists who are constantly evolving tools and techniques to meet client briefs. Its Red Legion software was developed to create detailed and realistic crowd scenes for the BBC series Battlefield Britain but has since been further developed for use in advertising campaigns – see it in the flock of cats which appear in an ad for Hiscox Insurance.

Red Vision is a partner in the global virtual super studio, which will have one of its centres at The Sharp Project. The virtual super studio is a network of allied businesses that will provide a 24-hour, ‘follow-the-sun’ production pipeline for visual effects using the benefits of super connectivity. Other centres will be in North America, Australasia and Asia.

The network, operating on agreed technical and creative protocols, will provide 24-hour continuous production based on their time zone overlap. This means that a client working with any of the locations will be able to secure three 8-hour days of work in one 24-hour period, helping them to overcome the slow-down in production traditionally associated with CGI and VFX.

Red Vision has secured a wealth of nominations and wins for BAFTAs, Royal Televison Society, NATAs and Emmys, showing its recognition and status among peers across the world.

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