Brown Bag Films: Graduates Open Evening 2019

Brown Bag Films: Graduates Open Evening 2019

This event takes place on: Jul 24 at 17:00 in Brown Bag Films Production Studio

Brown Bag Films would like to invite you to their graduates ‘Open Doors’ event at their 2D animation production studio on 24th July @ 17:00.

The evening will give newly graduated artists the opportunity to meet with some Brown Bag Films current employees, discuss career options and what it’s like to work for Brown Bag Films and also learn more about the amazing children’s animations they create.

The evening will run in 2 sessions:

Session 1

  • 5:00pm – 5:10pm – Introduction
  • 5:15pm – 6:30pm  – Pipeline Speed-Networking
  • 10 minutes –  networking/refreshments
  • 6:40pm – exit
Session 2

  • 6:50pm – 7:00pm – Introduction
  • 7:05pm – 8:20pm – Pipeline Speed-Networking
  • 10 minute – networking
  • 8:30 – exit

If you are interested in attending the upcoming Opening Evening, please complete the form below. The deadline to register interest is the 18th of July.

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Brown Bag Films chatted with some of their previous open evening attendees who are now working with them about their journey from the graduates evening to where they are now, what they most enjoy about working with Brown Bag Films in their studio, and any tips they have for recent graduates. Check out what they had to say:

Kelly Mann, Compositor: What I like the most about Brown Bag Films is that there is the opportunity to work in a studio outside of London! (And there’s always tea and biscuits).

After the graduate evening, on my way home, I messaged those I’d talked to on LinkedIn and asked some further questions. I then applied for the Production Coordinator role and was unsuccessful, so I applied for animation. I got an interview at Annecy and took the animation test. However, in my rejection email for animation, I got the offer to take the compositing test. I’m eternally grateful to the team at Brown Bag Films that recognised what I’m actually good at! I’ve now blossomed in the compositing department and hope to stay here!

Steve Roberts, 2D Renderer: Brown Bag Films is a super fun place to work! It’s creative, everyone is hella talented and friendly, and they take really good care of us with loads of events, pizza, and parties! And there are dogs. DOGS IN THE OFFICE! It’s the best!

I was in a different position to a lot of the people who attended the graduates evening in that I wasn’t a fresh animation graduate; I’d been graduated three years at this point and had been working as an e-commerce photographer since. I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, and it led me to check out the graduate evening in the hopes I could finally get a belated entry into the animation industry. I felt super old with all the fresh-faced graduates, but going along turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Fi Hilton, Post Production Assistant: It is amazing to be able to work on super cool shows that are recognised around the world, with people that are really talented and passionate about what they do! (There are also dogs!)

After attending the graduates evening there weren’t any roles advertised at the time that suited me, so I emailed the contacts I had made to organise work experience. While organising this I was added to the observational program which looks at all departments across the animation pipeline. During this time a role in the Post Production department came up so I applied and got the job! Talking to the right people and showing your interest makes all the difference!

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