Agents of Change 0.3 – big art

Agents of Change 0.3 – big art

Posted 17th May 2010 at 05:07 by

Agents of Change with their mural
Agents of Change - Big Art

Contemporary art collective, Agents of Change, have completed a large scale installation artwork at The Sharp Project as part of the FutureEverything festival. The work initially took shape via live streaming and update stills, with clues to the secret location gradually released – culminating in a public opening as The Sharp Project on the festival’s final day.

Agents of Change had this to say…

“Hello all, Hope you are all well. We just wanted to say thankyou for letting us create the work at The Sharp Project and all the support you gave us. We were very much inspired by the building, the concept and the vibe of the whole project and that drove us on to create something we are very pleased with and I hope you are too.

Please pass on your thanks to everyone who helped in getting AOC 0.3 up and running at the Sharp Project

There’s a trailer for the final film here and we’ll have a full edit in the next 2 weeks and a whole load of stills.

Thanks again for all your support”

Tim and all of the AoC

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The Sharp Project
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