A robot with a chip on each shoulder

A robot with a chip on each shoulder

Posted 24th Jun 2009 at 06:01 by

We are very proud to announce that last night at the 11th Big Chip Awards AHD Mi and Ian Hogg picked up two awards. The first in The Best Use of Animation category, and the second The Anthony Wilson Original Modern Award.

A forlorn looking 'AHD168' Robot sitting in doorway behind two bollards

Many thanks to Pushon and SKV for getting AHD168 out there, and most importantly thanks to all the lads in production at AHD Mi who worked well into the cold dark December evenings to get this project out. Anyway, enough of blowing our trumpet. We’ll let Big Chip judge Susan Woodward OBE do it for us:

“Last December, Christmas was almost cancelled. Britain was poised on the edge of bankruptcy, banks and bankers were going or being thrown to the dogs. In that environment, no one was commissioing any creative work from any type of creative company. It was truly a bleak midwinter. This company had been working on a promotional campaign for a major retailer. When the budget was slashed because of the credit crunch, they lost out. But instead of just giving in, they took the commission and turned it into a You Tube must see. They didn’t give in, they weren’t defeated. In the face of adversity they turned a loss into a winner. With humour, and talent. And that’s why I chose them as this years winner of this special award. I think Tony would have approved.”

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