The Sharp Project welcomes four new Tenants

The Sharp Project welcomes four new Tenants

Posted 13th Feb 2019 at 02:23 by ihtezaz anwar

The bespoke work space, established in 2011, continues to find best solutions and spaces for businesses of varying sizes and at different stages in development.

The market demand for new creative work space as an increasing amount of new businesses and start-ups explore new ways of working has never been more buoyant. Since opening in 2011 The Sharp Project has provided a ready-made creative hub, culture and infrastructure for a range of businesses.

The Sharp Project was originally set up to nurture new talent, most specifically in the digital and tech sectors, and to allow companies and enterprising individuals the chance to establish firm foundations on which to build future success.

This has proven to be a hugely successful formula and demand from a still wider pool of creative industries continues to make sure that as some tenant businesses reach a point where they require to expand and move to other premises, a stream of new entrepreneurial businesses are waiting in the wings ready to move in.

Most recently The Sharp Project has welcomed four new companies as tenants, all of whom are perfectly positioned to become a part of this unique culture, which is built on the spirit of collaboration and healthy competition.

The first months of 2019 sees the arrival of:

Pie Analysis

A boutique full service digital marketing agency specialising in Training and Development, Influencer Marketing, e-commerce, SEO, PPC and Social Media, PR, Product Design, Product Sourcing, Product Development and Distribution.

IPAI Assets Ltd

IPAI Assets Ltd is a subsidiary of Innovation Technology Capital Limited (ITC), specialising in developing AI chatbots in the debt collection under the brand name of MyChatbotAI. MyChatbotAI for collections is an AI driven, conversational messaging platform that blends chatbots and live agents to deliver customer engagements and better customer experiences across digital channels.

Kinetic Insight

Kinetic Insight specialise in the design and creation of digital solutions within the sport and physical activity sector. Working with some of the largest Local Authorities and Leisure Providers in the UK, our award winning solutions have revolutionised the management, delivery, and evaluation of the most successful sport and physical activity programmes nationally.

Immersive Imagery

Immersive Imagery will help engage your website customers with their stunning interactive 360° product spins.

The Sharp Project’s recently appointed Business Development Manager, Dunstan Carter says, “It is extremely encouraging and exciting to realise that there is so much talent out there looking to take a step towards finding a place to continue to develop enduring and sustainable businesses. We are delighted to welcome our new tenants. We are doing all we can to stand apart from other work spaces on offer through continuing to develop and expand the range of services available to our tenants. Providing an infrastructure that is appealing and welcoming and inclusive is so important. We do all we can to keep a dialogue open and listen to what people need.

The Sharp Project team is always available to discuss and explore opportunities for businesses who are hoping to find the ideal base from which to work, from individuals who may want to occupy a booth in the Campus space to larger and medium sized businesses who are ready to take the next step to finding the perfect base for their own teams.

Carter adds, “We are happy to meet and discuss requirements with anyone who is interested in finding a home for their business.  We also are unique in that we seek to provide ongoing support and work with our tenants.”

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