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The Campus Membership Terms and Conditions

The Campus membership – Terms & Conditions

 Please read through The Campus Terms & Conditions below:

Terms & Conditions for Membership of The Campus

“Member/you/ your” means [you as The Campus member] “We/Us” means [The Sharp Project and/or The Campus] “The Campus” means [ The Campus is the area of The Sharp Project identified by the marked areas on the site map, located in the Gold area of The Sharp Project site and referred to as ‘The Campus’] “The Sharp Project” means [ The Sharp Project is the managing landlord of the site where The Campus is located and it responsibilities include (e.g. WI-FI access etc) ] “The Campus Host” means [ The manager of The Campus facility ]

Membership of The Campus will commence upon completion of the following:

[i]     Sign off of The Campus T&Cs by membership applicant [via online or form] [ii]     Completion of The Campus sign up form including payment method [via online or form] [iii]      Declaration of employment / education within the creative & digital sector form signed off and approved by The Sharp Project Management Team

Upon completion of these actions the member will have a photograph taken for ID card and then be issued with membership card.

The [standard membership] Of The Campus entitles the Member to:

  • Access to The Sharp Project Campus five days per week, Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm [excluding public holidays]
  • Access to The Sharp Project members network events [when available]

(iii)    10% off meeting room hire [when available] (iv)    Use of WI FI in The Campus
(v)    Use of daily lockers

(vii)    Promotional discounts and offers

Please note that [ basic membership ] only guarantees you access to The Campus one day a week.

Corporate membership will be charged and managed separately  – please

email campus@thesharpproject.co.uk for more details

Membership of The Campus is non transferable and non exchangeable.

We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify, change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, these Terms & Conditions (or any part thereof) with or without prior notice to the Member or any third party.

Your continued use of The Campus after the adoption and/or implementation of any such changes shall be deemed to indicate your acceptance and agreement with any and all such amendments and/or modifications.

If you do not agree with any particular changes to The Campus Terms and Conditions and/or to The Campus, your only remedy is not to use The Campus and to cancel the account(s) for which you previously signed-up.

If you chose to cancel your membership you must give 30 days’ notice.

The address of The Campus (“The Campus”) is The Sharp Project, Thorp Road, Manchester M40 5BJ

Membership to The Campus is for 365 days from the completion of the induction

Members will be required to complete an induction before using the facilities at The Campus. When the member has completed an induction and signed their agreement with these T&Cs they will then be known as a ‘Campus member’

Please note that all membership applications to The Campus are subject to final board approval.

The Campus membership is not available to under 18’s.

Operating Hours

The Campus is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm inclusive, Monday to Friday for Members

The Campus is not open or accessible to Members outside of these times, on public holidays or at the weekends

There will be up to 20 days a year (out of 365 days) when The Campus will not be accessible to Members due to it being occupied for an event. .  Members will be given 7 days written notice in all instances of this occurring.

The Campus is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any warranties of any kind, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, title, or non-infringement. You acknowledge and agree that your use of The Campus (or any part thereof) is entirely at your sole risk and expense.

Membership to The Campus

Membership will be open to persons over 18 years of age who are associated with the media, marketing, arts, creative Industries, digital and professional services and support thereof.

Where a membership application is unclear in being able to ascertain the suitability of The Campus membership they will be asked to write 500 word detailing statement explaining their reasons for member application.

A person shall become a member of The Campus if approved by The Sharp Project Management. Please note that all memberships are for the named individual who is applying – memberships are not per company other than in the case of Corporate Membership.

The Sharp Project Management Team reserves the right to refuse any application as it sees fit.

No member or proposed member of The Campus shall be allowed to enter the premises of The Sharp Project or enjoy the amenities thereof, save as a bona fide guest of a member or tenant, until he or she has been given written consent from The Campus Host or Sharp Project Management Team.

Members are only authorised to enter the Gold area where The Campus is located. Any attempts at accessing other areas of The Sharp Project site without written permission by The Campus Host may result in their membership being terminated

The Sharp Project shall have the right to refuse entry or remove any member or bona fide guest from the premises or any part of the premises of The Campus for breach of any of these terms and conditions.

Payment of Membership Fee
The cost of [ Standard Membership ] for The Campus is £520 + VAT per annum

The cost of [ Basic Membership ] for The Campus is £80 + VAT per annum

Please complete the [ payment details form ] for The Campus when you complete your onsite induction.

Membership subscription shall be due and payable on commencement of membership and thereafter either annually or quarterly via cash, cheque or electronic payment method as advised by The Campus Host.

Please discuss your preferred method of payment with The Campus Host.

Nothing in these rules will prevent The Campus from promoting membership by way of special offers with regard to membership subscriptions.

Membership notices, amends and updates relating to The Campus
All communications, including notices, amendments to these rules and any other updates shall be posted on The Campus notice board and distributed via email to all Members.

Each Member of The Campus shall inform The Campus Host of change of their contact address as soon as the same may reasonably be possible; and any notices required to be given to Members may be given by email or prepaid letter addressed to the Member at the last address which he has furnished The Campus Host and shall be deemed to have been delivered in the due course of post.

If a Member loses their pass they must immediately report it to the Facility Management Office of The Sharp Project on [0161] 205 5508.

The pass will immediately be cancelled and a replacement will be issued at a cost to the Member of £15 +VAT

Termination of Membership
The Sharp Project management team shall have absolute discretion as to whether a person shall become or remain a member of The Campus and shall have the right to terminate the membership of any Member for any reason which shall seem to The Sharp Project management team to be good and sufficient without any explanation being given and without returning that member’s or person’s subscription or any part thereof.

Members can terminate their Membership with immediate effect but are not eligible to claim any monies already spent to be refunded.

Exclusion of Liability
To the full extent permissible by law, the Council shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other losses or damages of whatsoever kind arising out of access to or use of The Campus by the Member or persons authorised by members

You agree to indemnify the Council against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis) and all other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by the Council arising out of or in connection with the use of The Campus and any breach of these Terms and Conditions by you or persons authorised by you.

The use of The Campus
No member shall, by reason of his or her membership alone, be entitled to take any part in the management of The Campus and shall receive no benefits from The Campus other than those acquired by reason of his or her membership.

Other Campus members, tenants & employees of The Sharp Project and associated staff will be treated with respect at all times.

Use of the hubs should be in accordance with the booking policy to ensure fair usage is available to all members.

Members should not solicit work or unwanted communications with other Members or Sharp Project tenants without invite.

It is the responsibility that all Members must sign in the visitor’s book every time they arrive in The Campus and sign out when they leave.

The health and safety rules presented at the induction must be adhered to at all times whilst Members are on site.

Membership of The Campus does NOT entitle you to use the address of The Sharp Project for mail, postings, deliveries, business address registration or any other use of address.

The Campus has a number of free use Lockers for use by Members. These can only be used on a daily basis and cannot be used to hold items for longer periods (please see below)

The Campus has permanent/ long-term let lockers available to Members – access can be requested via The Campus Host

The Sharp Project is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items when stored in lockers.

Members are not allowed to use any form of branding, logos, url or any other trademarked representation of either The Campus or The Sharp Project without prior written permission These rights are protected by U.K. and international intellectual property laws, statutes and regulations.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not duplicate, reproduce, copy, alter, adapt, prepare any derivative work, modify, perform or display (publicly or otherwise), distribute, or otherwise use or exploit The Campus (or any part thereof) or any portion of the branding, HTML/CSS, user interface and/or other audio-visual design elements relating to The Campus (except in accordance with the terms and subject to the conditions referenced in The Campus Terms) without The Sharp Project Management Team’s prior written consent.

Use of car park

Please note that Campus membership does not entitle you to use the car park at The Sharp Project but there is a pay & display car park adjacent to the site. Note that Campus guests cannot use the on-site car park either.

There are bike racks onsite which Campus members are welcome to use.

The Sharp Project is well served by public transport – please click here or further information.

Guests on site
Being able to sign guests in is dictated by  membership level.

  • Basic members cannot sign guests in.
  • Full membership – up to two people.
  • Company / Corporate memberships – up to five guests can be signed into The Campus by the card holder at any time during Campus opening hours as long as the card holder is present.

Please note any under 18s on site must be with prior approval of The Sharp Project management

Use of alcohol on site

Any member found to be drunk on site will be immediately asked to leave the site and will not be readmitted until an investigation/review is completed and re-admittance will not be guaranteed. No alcohol may be consumed in The Campus unless purchased from the licensed bar.

Use of illegal substances on site

Any member found to be using illegal substances on site will be immediately asked to leave the site and will not be readmitted until an investigation/review is completed and re-admittance is not guaranteed.

Illegal behaviour onsite

Any illegal behaviour by Members on site will result in the police immediately being called. The case will then be referred to The Sharp Project Management Team who have the option to cancel the membership immediately and without further dialogue.

Conduct of Members

No conduct contrary to law or calculated or liable to injure the name or reputation of The Campus and/or the Sharp Project shall be allowed on the premises of The Campus or The Sharp Project and each and every member of The Campus shall be deemed in applying for membership, to have read and to agree to abide by The Campus rules if and when he/she becomes a member thereof.

Use of signage by Members

Members cannot affix/place/locate any signage, branding, marketing materials or related items within The Campus unless expressly agreed in writing by The Campus Host

Attempting to sell wares/services in The Campus

Members cannot directly sell or attempt to sell wares/services to other Members and/or Sharp Project tenants unless expressly agreed in writing by The Campus Host

Use of recording equipment on site e.g. photo shoots

Members cannot use equipment such as cameras, video recorders, audio recording equipment or equivalent to do photo shoots/ recordings or equivalent in The Campus without prior written permission by The Campus Host.

Animals on site at The Sharp Project

Animals can be brought onto site by prior written agreement with The Sharp Project management team. Animals not classed as ‘domestic’ may require further terms & conditions imposed upon them and their owners. In either case please email info@thesharprpoject.co.uk

Guide dogs and their owners are welcome on site at The Sharp Project and would not require written agreement.

Disabled Access to The Sharp Project

The Sharp Project is DFA2 compliant for all disabled access to the site.
Please click here for further information regarding DFA2

Guests / Conduct Of Guests

Members are allowed to admit up to two guests to The Campus at any one time.  Each guest will be required to sign in the Visitor’s Book.

Members should notify The Campus Host of any guests expected on site. The Member shall be responsible for their guest/s strictly observing The terms and Conditions of use of the Campus and will also be responsible for their guest/s.

Guests must be accompanied at all times by the Member who signed them in. Failure to do this may result in the termination of their membership.

Members should ensure their guest/s bring photo ID with them.

The Campus may suspend or cancel the membership of any Member who takes any undue advantage of their privileges to the detriment of The Campus and The Sharp Project’s aims and objectives.

No person who has been expelled from The Campus previously or known to the police for criminal activity or whose membership has been terminated or whose application for membership has been denied will be allowed access to The Campus.

Data Protection regarding Members/membership

The Campus respects all aspects of the Data Protection Act and will NOT sell any part of data regarding membership (for example and not exclusively email or postal addressees, ID photographs or company details)

Communication from The Campus to Members will be via email and/or SMS and may include promotions and benefits for Members that will have been previously vetted by The Sharp Project management team.

Data Protection Act 1998 Statement

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, The Campus will process personal data ,or any part of it, (including any photograph), by any means, for the purpose of registering members and associates and/or in pursuit of The Campus objectives generally.

The Campus may transfer and release this data (or any part of it) to staff, the management team of The Sharp Project and for use in ERDF monitoring, for its ongoing administration and/or in the pursuit of its objectives generally.

This data (or any part of it) may also be disclosed on The Campus/The Sharp Project’s website, including by way of lists of its members and associates, for the purposes of its newsletters, and/or for any other purposes related to its website or The Campus’ objectives generally.

The Data Protection Officer, for the purposes of the Date Protection Act 1998, is Manchester City Council

If you have any comments on, or if you object to the terms of this Statement, please contact The Sharp Project management team immediately.

All Members have a right to access the personal data which The Campus holds and which relates to them.

To obtain a copy of such data (or any part of it), in the first instance, please contact The Sharp Project management team. The Campus is entitled to make a charge for the provision of such data (or any part of it).

Use and/or hire of Meeting Rooms

Members are eligible for a 10% discount on meeting room bookings, including both Gold 150 and Meeting Room 002. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

Please refer to your Campus Handbook for further details about hiring meeting rooms or click here to view details on The Sharp Project website.

General Guidance for Internet Usage / WIFI access

The Sharp Project view the viewing, downloading, uploading or circulation of pornographic, offensive and otherwise obscene material via The Campus WIFI as unacceptable. Members should be aware that accessing such material is a criminal offence in some circumstances. Such information includes, but is not limited to: – Discriminatory and/or offensive material (including jokes) – Pornographic/indecent/obscene material – Material relating to drugs/paedophilia and other criminal activities – Material which the recipient might reasonably be expected to find offensive or distasteful (this includes statements which deride or denigrate a person.  Membership will be terminated if a member is found to do this.

The Sharp Project does not and will not tolerate any illegal file sharing or downloading of pirate software or films and any member found to do this on The Campus WIFI or loan machines will have their membership terminated.

The Sharp Project will not take liability for any viruses or spyware on your personal machine and we recommend you update the anti-virus software on your personal PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles and PDAs on a regular basis. If you require any clarity on the above, please contact The Campus Host and ask to speak to the IT Manager.

Use of the wireless network in The Campus

To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, neither  The Campus nor any of its affiliates, nor any of the officers, directors, employees, members, licensors, customers, agents or representatives of the network owner or any of its affiliates, shall have any liability of any kind or nature in connection with your use of The Campus (including, without limitation, any liability for any damage to your computer hardware and/or software), and the entire cost and risk of your use of the campus and/or inability to use the campus (including, without limitation, any damage to your real or personal property, including, without limitation, your computer hardware and/or software) resides solely and exclusively with you.

Intellectual Property Rights

For the avoidance of doubt, The Sharp Project claims no intellectual property rights with respect to any of the content that you elect to provide to The Campus including your profile and any materials you voluntarily elect to upload to The Campus and/or to the web pages that you create that are associated with your registered Account(s).


However, by choosing to make your web pages and related content available on The Campus in a form that is intended to be shared publicly, you hereby grant to The Campus, the Technology Licensor Who is this/ and their affiliates a non-exclusive license (with rights of sublicense) to reproduce, prepare derivative works, publicly display, publicly perform, and distribute any and all such web pages and content as part of The Campus and you agree to allow all registered users and other individuals who access and use The Campus, to access, view, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, comment upon, review, share, and otherwise use and distribute your web pages and related content (or any portions of any of the foregoing) as part of or otherwise in connection with The Campus.

Similarly, where you choose an option in The Campus that allows you to make your web pages and related content available on The Campus to be shared in a non-public context as part of The Campus, you hereby grant to the Network Owner, the Technology Licensor and their affiliates a non-exclusive license (with rights of sublicense) to reproduce, prepare derivative works, display, perform, and distribute any and all such web pages and related content as part of The Campus on the applicable non-public basis.

You acknowledge that the technical processing and transmission of The Campus, including your Members data, content and materials, and related data and information (a) may be distributed in an unencrypted form, (b) may involve transmissions by means of various networks and equipment that are not owned or controlled by the The Campus, and (c) may require adaptive changes to conform to technical requirements of any connecting networks and/or devices, and you agree that the Network Owner shall have no obligation or liability to you or any third party as a result of or otherwise in connection with any such matters.

If you have any questions regarding these T&Cs please emailcampus@thesharpproject.co.uk 


The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
United Kingdom