ShowMe ShowMe 2019

ShowMe ShowMe 2019

This event takes place on: Nov 14 at 12:00 in Stage One

Our tenant showcase ‘Showme Showme’ is taking place on the 14th November in Stage One from 12:00.

‘ShowMe ShowMe’ will feature quick fire presentations from our content creating tenants and invited guests as they showcase the creative work they do and the clients they work with.

For the audience it’s a chance to find out more about the collaborative ecosystem here at the Sharp Project, meet the businesses and see some amazing creative work.

The presentations are limited to 5 minutes detailing skill sets, recent client works and collaborations.

Afterwards there will be time to network and have cake!

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Tenants confirmed so far:

Sparklab make award-winning audio for BBC networks and many other platforms. Sparklab love creating podcasts and all kinds of audio storytelling with other partners. Find out more here.

Engage your website customers with Immersive Imagery’s stunning interactive 360° product spins. Their 360° product spins engage your customers, giving them the ability to interact with your products like never before. Find out more here.

RED 29 & Studio 006 G6 Moco

G6 Moco offer table top productions, visual engineering and high speed motion control for the film industry. Find out more here

GOLD 155 Aucoda

Au is a uniquely designed coding language that makes it simple and fast to develop cross platform, full stack, and robust applications. Find out more here

SILVER 129 Doodledo Motion

Doodledo Motion are a video production company, animation studio and ideas factory. Services provided include Motion Graphics, Filming, Design & Branding and more. Find out more here

GOLD129 Pie Analysis

Pie Analysis is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Training & Development and more. Find out more here

Bound Films create high quality video, photographic and design content. Whether you need a single self-shooting cameraman or a large scale production, Bound Films can accommodate a crew for whatever the project size or budget. Find out more here

To invite any guests or clients, please email events@thessharpproject.co.uk


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