SharpFutures: Pointing in the Right Direction

SharpFutures: Pointing in the Right Direction

Posted 08th Aug 2013 at 08:43 by Charlie Hankers

The Sharp Project has celebrated another temporal milestone with the first anniversary SharpFutures. The event was celebrated over civilised teatime buns and Doritos here at the Campus.

The anniversary gave us a chance to look back at the achievements of the organisation, particularly the five resident members of the Talent Pool who have become so ingrained into the fabric of the Project. Take any event, any tour, any initiative, and you can almost guarantee at least one of them will have been involved, their enthusiasm and vigour helping proceedings along.

The organisation has its own separate website at, but to summarise, it’s an agency that takes young people from the most tech-savvy generation in history and channels their innate talents into becoming valuable members of the creative digital community. They also happen to be based at one of the UK’s most important creative digital projects in one of the world’s most vibrant tech cities, so couldn’t be better placed to tap into knowledge and in turn serve the industry.

Brilliant, talented people often find their way in the world whatever background they come from. But giving them the connections, the inspiration, the experience, the access to technology and the advice they would otherwise find hard to come by speeds up the process and fertilises the ground they choose to take root in. As well as helping the apprentices themselves, it also helps their local communities, the city and the region.

Online Ventures rates The Sharp Project

Marketing agency Online Ventures is well known among Manchester’s business community for its Data::Manchester reports that rank businesses by their social media presence. We’re pleased to report that their recent analysis of office space in Manchester showed that we’re being talked about online and that we’re an important hub of information sharing.

With 25 companies analysed, we came no lower than 6th in any of 8 measures, with two top spots and an average positioning of 3rd. That’s not bad considering office space is only part of our offering and we were up against names like Savills, Urban Splash, Regus and Bruntwood. The full results will be available online soon at Online Ventures’ website.

This impressive showing is thanks in no small part to the efforts of our SharpFutures talent and our tenants’ enthusiasm for everything that goes on behind our beckoning sequins.

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