Rorschach – Our Journey So Far…

Rorschach – Our Journey So Far…

Posted 26th Apr 2022 at 04:14 by Kian Bailey

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series of profile pieces where we ask a Sharp Project tenant to tell us about their company’s journey so far. To kick us off we got in touch with one of our newer tenants, Rorschach and asked them to give us the lowdown on where they’ve been and where they’re heading…

Originally, Rorschach [Raw-shack] was set up as the creative and technical branch of Wolf & White, an award winning events company that was based in Derby. Rorschach offers services in Design, Motion and Creative Strategy which includes branding, pitching, 3D visualisation, video editing and creative direction for all types of events or projects. We deep dive a brand, discovering all the small quirks and specialties, to provide videos and presentations that shock our clients. We have even had tears! (The good kind).

Rorschach moved to Manchester to harness the ever-growing media, creative and production industries. Born in the pandemic, and through loyal clients and extremely hard work, Rorschach survived to tell the tale and became its own creative content and strategy company. We have created work for the likes of Budweiser, L’Oréal, Epson, Autodesk, Patch Project and many more.

Late last year we decided to move to the Sharp Project as it offered Studio space for filming and 80 Hertz Studios for recording and music production, more of which we offer. A month or so after we moved here, we were acquired by The Asembl Group. The other organisations that make up Asembl are events, marketing and logistics for event kit.

As the team at Rorschach all have creative backgrounds, we want to branch out to different creative industries as we’re predominantly working on events. The team’s experience spans marketing, music videos and live music shows.

On the 3rd of May we have some very exciting news to announce, which you’ll see on our socials. We are hosting an event in London mid-May as part of the announcement. If you’d like to know more before then, please contact for exclusive information.

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