Orton’s Manchester Writers Circle

Orton’s Manchester Writers Circle

This event takes place on: Aug 01 at 18:30 in The Campus

On Wednesday August 1st, we are hosting a meet up for Orton’s Manchester Writers Circle.

The group is for screenwriters, poets, authors, playwrights and songwriters from across Manchester and beyond – if you are interested in developing your writing then you’re welcome to attend by registering via Meet Up.

The session will start with a short creative writing exercise, we will provide a prompt and encourage people to write for 10-15 minutes to get those creative muscles flexed.

Next will be a move on to the main focus of the session where we invite people to read-out any of their own writing that they’ve been working on. It could be a short story, a poem, a chapter of a novel, an essay, a performance piece or we’ll happily take parts to read out a script!

After each reading the group will discuss the work and offer constructive feedback. We are very friendly group so please don’t fear any negativity.

If you want to come along and just listen in then you are more than welcome too as we don’t insist that everybody reads

Places are limited to make sure there is time for everyone to read out if they want to and to keep discussion focused on the writing.

Please book your space here.

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