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Red Offices

A total of 32 shipping containers, 16 double and 16 single, have been converted into affordable glazed office units.
Placed in two terrace rows they create a high street feel.

They’re perfect for start-ups and SMEs who require a short term lease.

Single containers are 160 sq ft (8ft x 20ft) and cost £69+VAT per week
Double containers are 320 sq ft (16ft x 20 ft) and cost £130 +VAT per week including one car parking space.

Please note power and connectivity are an additional charge. Separate metres are provided to monitor individual usage. 

Type Floorspace Dimensions Cost
(per week)
Single 8ft x 20ft 160 sq.ft £69+VAT
Double 16ft x 20ft 320 sq.ft £130+VAT
  • Short term leases available
  • Free parking space for double containers
  • Power available
  • Connectivity available
"We first rented space at The Sharp Project in 2013 and since then our business has gone from strength to strength. The combination of premium office space in Red with very competitive rental rate and excellent networking opportunities have been a welcome boast to the development of Brickhouse. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and look forward to the times ahead…. "
Mike H, Director, Brickhouse Productions

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
United Kingdom