Odd Bug Studio to release ‘The Lost Bear’ for PSVR

Odd Bug Studio to release ‘The Lost Bear’ for PSVR

Posted 21st Jul 2017 at 07:39 by Tom Clarke

Odd Bug Studiobased out of Fabrik Games here at The Sharp Project, are about to release their debut game for PSVR – ‘The Lost Bear’.

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Odd Bug. A fresh game development studio with a passion for creating quirky and odd games.  This innovative and young team are due to launch their very first title for the PSVR, coming soon via PSN..

Their Game Director Daniel Robinson said “It all started at ‘Norwich University of the Arts’ when ‘The Lost Bear’ was just a side project and a place for me to store my ideas. One thing led to another and before we knew it ‘The Lost Bear’ was being developed and we were running our own studio”

After completing ‘Dare to be Digital’ and winning the Wacom Artistic Award we were further inspired to creating our own games. It wasn’t long until we were working with Fabrik Games to help us achieve our dream and vision of creating ‘The Lost Bear’.

“Creating our first game ‘The Lost Bear’ has been a big milestone for us, it’s been a tough road with many sleepless nights. The learning curve to making a 2D game in VR has been very challenging, we’ve had to overcome many creative and technical decisions in order to bring ‘The Lost Bear’ to life. With everything we’ve learnt I’m excited for the future”

From an art point of view, Lead Artist Martin Reimann said that “Working on ‘The Lost Bear’ really helped us define our art style and create something very special on the PSVR platform. PSVR really pushed us creatively as we had to create a consistent world in both 3d and 2d”.

Lead Designer Jack Bennett said that from his perspective “Working in VR brings with it a lot of new and interesting challenges compared to a standard 2D game. We really had to put a lot of thought into how to communicate to the player to focus on the 2D or the 3D areas of the game. I think the final result really immerses the player in the world of The Lost Bear and brings a fresh twist to the 2D platformer”.

Jack concluded that “Odd Bug Studio is very proud to be working on ‘The Lost Bear’ with Fabrik Games “Working with Graeme Ankers and his team at Fabrik has been a key pillar for Odd Bug Studio. Fabrik gave us the time and space to immerse ourselves in the world of ‘The Lost Bear’ and develop our technical and business skills”

Fabrik’s CEO Graeme Ankers had this to say on this unique collaboration “At the very start of Fabrik one of our key approaches was to unite brand new game development teams with our in-house expertise. I am truly proud to see this realised with both The Lost Bear and the creation of a very talented and brand-new studio in Oddbug. This mix of experience meets new talent, combined with a passion for bringing new ideas and games to market makes Fabrik different”

“Odd Bug Studio is a company of inspired artists looking forward to their future of creating games. We hope everyone enjoys the games we make as much as we enjoy creating them”

‘The Lost Bear’ will be available via the PlayStation Store soon.

In game screenshots below.

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