North West Playtesters 2019

North West Playtesters 2019

This event takes place on: Jun 22 at 11:00 in The Campus

North West Playtesters team up with The Sharp Project and tenants: Fabrik Games to present a day of playtesting on Saturday 22nd June. We are welcoming board/card, pc, mobile, console, VR and experimental games to be tested.

Free entrance for everyone. We also welcome children aged 13 and above, provided they are supervised with an adult. Lunch and refreshments will be available onsite. 

We will have both professional and enthusiasts showcasing and testing their tabletop and video games. Throughout the day, you will have the chance to:

  • Play and give feedback on the newest games being developed.
  • Network with fellow game developers and enthusiasts.
  • Discussion Panel with prominent members of the industry.
  • Experience Virtual Reality and how it’s being used in the gaming industry.

If you are coming as a developer/designer and require your own table, do let us know. Power can be provided but you will need to bring your own audio/visual equipment.

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10:00am 11:00am 1:00pm 2:00pm 6:00pm
Doors Open for setup Playtesting Discussion Panel Tabletop Toolkit – Board game design workshop Doors Close

About North West Playtesters

North West Playtesters is a group that welcomes anyone to showcase their game and playtest each other’s games. It’s welcome to all type of games from board and card games, video games, mobile games or any fun and entertaining game! Even if you are not creating a game come down to discover new things and give valuable feedback to designers.

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
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