Nike’s Hit the Target

Nike’s Hit the Target

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The director of a 2009 MVA winner for Best Budget Video (Speech Debelle), and several other excellent low budget promos (for Kap Bambino and Miike Snow, among others) last year has now hit the premier league.

Anthony Dickenson’s beautiful in-camera photographic effects work has translated seamlessly to the new big Nike viral, out of Wieden + Kennedy, for the new T6 Laser III boots, designed to improve power and accuracy.

Hit The Target, created by Phil Monks and Mike Cuthell, and creatively directed by Stuart Harkness, transforms Wayne Rooney’s shooting practice into a Mission Impossible-style laser challenge – controlled by fellow striker and worthy adversary Fernando Torres. In a stylised environment, fast-paced movement mixes with slow-motion contact between boot and ball, all set to a dubstep soundtrack from 16 Bit.

James Guy, Agency Producer Weiden+Kennedy London;
“It was great to work with such an amazing creative led team. A really intimate, lovely bunch who went above and beyond attention to detail on every shot, making sure director and creatives were totally happy. They made the whole process very easy, simple and enjoyable and had everyone filled with total confidence in what they promised to deliver, which was an amazing film. The work looked so good even a competitor remarked how nice it was!”

The script had all the ingredients of a killer spot and we’re really happy with the outcome. Intended initially as a web film only it’s also now being aired internationally as a 30″ and closer to home the full 60″ got it’s terrestrial debut at half-time during the Man United/ Man City derby. (Rooney scored the winner we might add!)

‘Hit The Target’
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Prod co: Pulse Films
Producer: Mark Harbour
Editor: Paul Hardcastle at Trim
Post Production: Time Based Arts
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London
Agency Producer: James Guy
Creative Director: Stuart Harkness
Creative: Mike Cuthell; Phil Monks

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
United Kingdom