Manchester CoderDojo BBC Digital Cities Special

Manchester CoderDojo BBC Digital Cities Special

This event takes place on: Nov 12 at 11:00 in The Campus

Manchester Coderdojo returns to The Sharp Project with a BBC Digital Cities edition with special activities across coding, making and creating.

Manchester CoderDojo is a volunteer-led community group for young people to code and make things.

Hosted by SharpFutures at The Sharp Project, this special BBC Digital Cities edition of Manchester Coderdojo will feature a wide range of coding activities for young people aged 8 and upwards. Part of the global CoderDojo network, Manchester Coderdojo is a unique opportunity for young people to develop their coding skills with programmes such as ScratchPython, and Roblox as well as kit like Sonic PiLittle Bits, and BBC Microbits, led by the Dojo volunteers and mentors.

CoderDojo encourages attendees to be creative and collaborative, to experiment with new ways to code and most importantly, to enjoy coding and making things.

For BBC Digital Cities we’ll be hosting some specially themed workshops to inspire not just the young coders but parents too.

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