R&D with Grant Thornton – Innovation in the creative community

R&D with Grant Thornton – Innovation in the creative community

This event takes place on: Jul 05 at 09:00 in The Campus

Grant Thornton would like to invite the tenants of The Sharp Project to join their morning event on “Innovation in the Creative Community” on Thursday 05th July at 11:00 in The Campus.

Their North West Innovation Group is dedicated to working across the UK with dynamic businesses. With extensive experience across a broad range of sectors, Grant Thornton can help you to optimise your investment by maximising tax reliefs for innovation. In this session, their Innovation Team will explore;

· Research and development tax relief
· Video games development tax relief

Digital Marketing Case Study

Web design and digital marketing agency, ABC Ltd, provides a dedicated service to its clients to generate more business leads and improve their market success via the deployment of effective web design, search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Due to the constantly changing environment in which ABC Ltd operates, the company spends a considerable amount of time and effort into the development of new services and appreciable improvement of existing services.

Grant Thornton were able to help the company understand the definitions of R&D to help identify activities within the project that were eligible for R&D tax relief. ABS Ltd has been able to channel the resulting £15,000 tax credit into funding further development of its search engine optimisation offering.

Software Development Case Study

XYD Ltd are market leaders in the design and production of enterprise level software that allows large organisations to become more innovative and run better projects. With the ever-changing technology of prospect customers, the team are continually required to develop the software to ensure the group offers the best tools and ideas for leading innovators to increase their return on innovation.

When Grant Thornton first engaged with the group, they had never made R&D claims. Since their involvement, the group have benefitted from cash savings of £40,000 over a three year period. This has since been reinvested to fund further development work on the group’s software platform.

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