‘Duality’ Photography Exhibition Launch at The Sharp Project

‘Duality’ Photography Exhibition Launch at The Sharp Project

Posted 18th May 2018 at 05:47 by Tom Clarke

‘Duality’ Photography Exhibition Launch

Thursday 31st May 2018 | 6pm – 8pm I The Campus

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‘Duality’, a documentary photography project by Simon Bray and Tristan Poyser, explores the way in which our uniform, workwear and casual clothes influence the perception of the individual. ‘Duality’ displays each individual twice, once in their work attire, the other in their own clothing.

The exhibition will be complimented by tasting sessions from local producers, include gin from Brindle Distillery and beers from Manchester breweries Blackjack, Runaway and Track.

How do we perceive ourselves depending upon what we are wearing? How do the public perceive those wearing workwear, either that which is enforced by their employer or selected as uniform by themselves? Can the casual clothes that we choose act as a uniform of sorts?

Tristan Poyser says “‘Duality’ is collaborative project between myself and Simon that started in 2016 as we were both intrigued by the idea of how a person dresses affects others’ perception to them.  

The contrast between a response to a uniform or casual dress on the same person is something many of our subjects deal with on a day to day basis. Presenting this contrast in the form of diptych portraits allows the viewer to contrast their reactions.

 Now in 2018 it’s great to be able to bring the exhibition to Manchester because as well as being based here ourselves a lot of subjects live in the city so it’ll be their first chance to see their portraits presented in large scale. In recent weeks we’ve held photo sessions at The Sharp Project and Plant Noma to add to the exhibition so looking forward to seeing both the original subjects and these new additions side by side”

Previously exhibited as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial and shared with an international audience on BBC In Pictures, ‘Duality’ is being shown in Manchester for the first time at The Sharp Project.

Comments from subjects:

“The moment I put on a different gown or costume to become a different character, the moment you get on that stage and you’re wearing that, you just become someone else.”


“First appearances really count. If you go in a suit they’ll expect that you sit in an office and everyone else will do the work, whereas if you turn up in your work clothes everyone can see that you’re actually going to do the work yourself.”


 “When I’m wearing my normal clothes, I’m just another person, when I’m on the farm, in my work clothes, people know who I am and what I’m there to do.”


The exhibition will be run for three months at The Sharp Project.

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Tristan Poyser is a Manchester based photographer located at The Sharp Project. His work has been exhibited at international photography festivals including, Format, Brighton fringe, Hull (HIP) & Look Liverpool. His current ongoing project ‘Borders of Brexit’ explores the landscape and communities living along the 310 mile administrative and imaginative border between the UK and EU in Ireland.

Simon Bray is a photographic artist based in Manchester. His work has been displayed in The Whitworth, MIF and The Southbank Centre, and published by The Guardian, BBC and Positive News. He is currently working on documentary project, ‘Loved&Lost’ exploring participants’ experiences of loss, as well as producing the upcoming Martin Parr exhibition for Manchester Art Gallery.

‘Duality’ is supported by Arts Council England and was created through the Redeye Photography Network.

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