Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

This event takes place on: Apr 26 at 10:00 in The Campus

Maria Mandar will be joining us on The Campus Thursday 26th April where you can receive 1-2-1 support on how to de-stress and manage anxiety in the workplace.

Maria is also offering a 10 minute seated Reiki taster sessions for anyone that wants one on the campus.

This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have on how Maria can help your business, or individually to make improvements in your life, and also develop a wellbeing program to support the health of your employees.

Over 45% of UK companies now have a wellbeing strategy in place. Why? Because it’s vital to supporting and developing a happy, healthy workforce. Absenteeism costs UK businesses more than £15 billion every year, so making improvements can have a positive impact on your company’s finances, as well as increasing productivity and engagement. It also affects your ability to attract new talent as people increasingly look for evidence that a potential employer prioritises the wellbeing of its staff. 87% of HR leaders report using wellbeing to become an employer of choice.

If you are interested in chatting more with Maria then please email: maria@manderwellbeing.com

Maria also offers a number of other service that can be found on her website.

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