Aucoda launch the Manchester ‘Dev Shop’

Aucoda launch the Manchester ‘Dev Shop’

Posted 25th Jun 2019 at 06:33 by ihtezaz anwar

The Manchester Dev Shop’, an easy way for Digital Agencies to find full stack software development resources, has been launched today.

Aucoda, located in The Sharp Project, have launched the Dev Shop to provide a service to Digital Agencies. The Dev Shop is aimed to enable Digital Agencies to quickly find and secure local full stack software developers.

Aucoda created the Dev Shop in response to the Digital and Software Industries’ struggling to find Software Developers particularly when they have a short term requirement; they either hire short term contractors or have to utilise offshore resources both of which can increase their risk. The ‘Dev Shop’ have local full stack developers available and are able to quickly scale their team to meet the requirements of agencies.

Agencies can easily specify their requirements at and can quickly understand resource availability and pricing. Dev Shop resources are available for short term fixed price and time and materials projects and come with a full development and engagement process. The Dev Shop has full stack developers available to deliver JavaScript, IOS, Swift, NodeJS, PHP, .Net, Python, NodeJS, Go, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL, SQL Lite, Windows and Linux projects. Dev Shop resources have already delivered multiple projects for blue chip companies.

Dr Raj Curwen from the Manchester Dev Shop states “’‘The Manchester Dev Shop’ offers a solution to agencies who have a need for short term full stack development resources; it enables them to turn the resourcing tap on and off very easily, Dev Shop resources are able to quickly integrate with agency teams and deliver high quality code quickly”.

Paul Davies of marketing agency CSM Live an experienced user of Dev Shop resources commented “we were delighted with the work that the team delivered for us they were quickly available and developed a complex mobile application to high quality and met all of our requirements”.

Aucoda have invested in intelligent development technologies that enable them to offer software development capability through the Manchester Dev Shop and to scale resources to meet agencies needs if required.

The UK has a shortage of software developers’ recruiters report that 40% of roles*1 are difficult to fill and the cost of developers is rising by 20% *2 every year. Digital Agencies find it difficult to recruit software developers particularly when they have a short term requirement. Agencies normally have to either recruit contractors who are difficult to find, expensive and rising in cost or look offshore for short term resources which often increases risk for them.

For further information please email Aucoda’s CEO Stuart Melhuish at

The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
M40 5BJ
United Kingdom