A Tone of Voice: Hampson Nattan Williams

A Tone of Voice: Hampson Nattan Williams

This event takes place on: Nov 21 at 10:00 in The Campus

Copywriters Hampson Nattan Williams would like to invite the tenants of The Sharp Project down to The Campus to talk about their businesses tone of voice.

Your tone of voice is vital. It’s how you talk to your customers. It’s how you represent your company. It’s how you get more sales and grow your business effectively. Get it right, and a good tone of voice makes a strong, instantaneous first impression.

It brings order and uniformity to all your marketing (and makes creating marketing materials A LOT easier). It can transform your bottom line. But get it wrong, and you could be a laughing stock.

There will be opportunities to book in workshops to help you find exactly what you want your tone of voice to be for your business, and then how to implement it across every customer touch point.

Hampson Nattan Williams will be around to discuss the following:

  • Discover why tone of voice is so important
  • Identify what theirs is using our unique toolkit of tarot cards
  • Get a defined tone of voice to use throughout every piece of marketing
  • Learn what their tone of voice means, and how to implement it.

Basically, they’re offering a really simple but highly effective way to actually identify a solid, definitive tone of voice for businesses – and then implement it with minimal effort.

If you are interested in booking onto a workshop then please email events@thesharpproject.co.uk alternatively, pop on down.

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