A Hands-on Way to Tackle the Skills Shortage

A Hands-on Way to Tackle the Skills Shortage

Posted 10th Dec 2013 at 12:22 by Charlie Hankers

Manchester has always been good at finding innovative and creative solutions to business problems. But a matter that has been looming for several years has looked almost insurmountable, possibly even threatening the very nature of the city’s thriving creative digital sector. Prolific North is just one of the outlets that has been highlighting the problem.

We’re talking about the skills shortage. Without a constant stream of tech-literate graduates coming through the system, growth in our sector can become stunted. In the longer term, texperts techsperts techxsperts might even be incentivised to postpone retirement, leading to a scenario where offices are populated by people who don’t know their twerking from their daggering when the relevant tunes come on the office hi-fi. Companies will be forced to play golden oldies like Oasis and Chaka Demus & Pliers, or even Pliers’ edgy solo offerings.

Well we’re sorry, but that’s not how we roll here at The Sharp Project. If you want something doing, goes the saying, do it yourself. And we have. We’ve solved the missing generation problem just as nature intended: by making our own.

So far, and without recourse to prying, the list of volunteers to the cause has been impressive. Within the past few months, the following have entered the realm of parenthood or parenthood-to-be: The Sharp Project’s Rachael McGuiness; Project Simply’s Christian Hill; Amanda’s Nathan; Cloudsmart’s Nick Langdale; MACE project manager Gary Nesbitt; Digital Next’s Hannah Pearson and Mark Blackhurst; and AppLearn’s Mark Barlow gets the gold star for his twins.

With a rigorous enough training regime, most of the above are hoping to have their new recruits ready to operate WordPress by 2017, which will at least plug the gap while the colleges and universities sort themselves out.

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