Creative Flow ‘The Power of Focus’ workshop

Creative Flow ‘The Power of Focus’ workshop

This event takes place on: Mar 03 at 12:30 in Studio 008

On Friday March 3rd we are hosting a free to attend ‘The Power of Focus’ workshop, run by CreativeFlow.tv

To attend this event, please register and book you ticket now!

Those people who achieve their desired success know the power of focus. They achieve more than most and do so faster because of it.

Do you ever experience:

  • Too many things competing for your attention
  • Being easily distracted
  • An ever increasing ‘to do’ list
  • Procrastination &/or low productivity resulting in disappearing time
  • Feeling tired or drained, even though you don’t seem to have achieved very much

If so you are not alone… And this free event is perfect for you!

3_UNVE-SThis talk is completely audience-led so we will address the issues around focus that YOU experience.

An initial discussion (in small groups) gives us the focus areas and challenges that we will tackle then and there.

Your speaker, Una Doyle of CreativeFlow.tv (a Business Coach for Creatives and an Actor) will draw upon her personal and coaching experience to share principles, strategies and tips to increase your focus and help you get your desired results.

After this talk you’ll be able to:

  • Identify why many traditional time management or organisational methods don’t work so well for creatives
  • Pinpoint the key focus challenge area(s) holding you back from greater success and
  • Implement at least one practical strategy or mindset shift to get better results

This is a fun, highly interactive and thought-provoking free event – don’t miss out and book your ticket now. This event is being held in Studio 008

About CreativeFlow.tv

Una Doyle is a Business Development Coach for Creatives and Founder of CreativeFlow.tv. Her passion is to help creatives transform into Happy Healthy and Wealthy creative entrepreneurs.

Using proven and profound principles, tools and strategies Una helps creatives to build profitable businesses, where they get to have more fun, time freedom and creative flow.

With 7 years experience working in creative agencies and her more recent experience as an Actor (yes, she’s been on Corrie – twice!) Una gets the creative mind, it’s challenges and possibilities.

Join Una where she shares videos, blogs and other fab content:
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